Atoms-to-devices semiconductor materials and technology development

  • Development of rapid, data-rich electron microscopy characterization methods for advanced materials research
  • Development of novel methods for nanoscale materials characterization
  • Development and characterization of novel structures for defect engineering
  • Demonstration of powerful new framework for nanoscale defect cha
  • A new record for monolithic III-V/Si tandem solar cells


Our research focuses on the development, production, and characterization of novel materials and combinations of materials for electronic and photonic applications. Of particular focus is the area of photovoltaics, as well as other clean energy technologies. 

This work encompasses a wide range of research activities, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Functional materials epitaxy and epitaxy science
  • Heteroepitaxy and dissimilar materials integration
  • Metamorphic materials
  • Materials characterization and analysis methods
  • Microstructure and defect characterization and engineering
  • Surface and interface science
  • Application and development of electron microscopy techniques
  • First-principles (ab-initio) materials modeling
  • Multi-scale integrated computational materials engineering
  • General application of heteroepitaxy and materials integration to electronics and optoelectronics technologies